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Fraud, Gaps and Loopholes: BIOFACH Presentations 2020

Jennifer Tucker, NOP
Jochen Neuendorff, GFSR
David Crucefix, IOAS
Gwendolyn Wyard, OTA
Albrecht Benzing, CERES
Jörg Lickfett, eurofins
Johannes Jaschik, eurofins
Beat Wiederkehr, YACAO
Roman Hipper, Consultant

Latest News

18 Jun

Organic Services supports Colombian companies and producer...

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16 Jun

Results of the consumer survey on organic consumption in...

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15 Jun

Organic Services and its partner company Intact have been...

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15 Jun
6 Jun

EHEC keeps Europe in suspense – traceability has to be a...

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24 May

efficient electronic auditing with Ecert Onsite

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23 May

The organic product fair and conference took place on May 12...

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21 Feb

for Colombian producer companies

February 9 - 18, 2011 in...

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18 Feb

10am - 1pm at Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, CCN East,...

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16 Feb

Nuremberg, CCN East

February 16 - 19, 2011

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15 Feb

Efficiency in audit management and traceability

11am to 6pm...

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24 Jan

register for Intact Summit, meet us at Fruit Logistica &...

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8 Nov

read among other things Intact Summit and innovations at...

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1 Nov

for participants from Asian countries

October 24 – 29, 2010...

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17 Sep
14 Sep

Natural cosmetics – the changing growth segment

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3 Aug

read among other things about the global mega trends Carbon...

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15 Jun
23 May

read among other things about easy data exchange to...

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17 May

The organic product fair and conference took place on May 06...

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7 May

for Indian Bankers

April 28 – May 5, 2010 in Germany and...

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8 Apr

read among other things Challenges from changing markets

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