Group Integrity

»Group Integrity« is a tailor-made solution for the professional management of internal control systems of grower groups that produce for national or international markets. The online-based tool professionalizes data collection and processing and prepares grower groups optimally for external audits and for the certification of private and public quality standards.

The combination of Group Integrity with Check Integrity/ Check Organic considerably facilitates the collaboration between supply chain actors, creating synergies that can benefit the industry as a whole. Farmer groups and businesses with contract manufacturing who join the platform show transparency and proficiency towards certification bodies and business partners worldwide.

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Gemma Julià-Camprodon: Client Manager at Organic Services

Gemma Julià-Camprodon
Client Manager

Phone: +49 8158 92293 04
Email: g.julia[at]
Skype: gemmaos15

Javier Montanez: Client manager for Group Integrity

Javier Montanez
Client Manager
Phone: +49 8158 92293 05
Mobile: +49 157 8844 1624
Email: j.montanez[at]
Skype: javier.montanez5

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