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Frank Gerriets from Organic Services at the Intact Summit
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The Intact Platform - formerly known as ECERT - is the leading ERP solution by Opens external link in new windowINTACT for audits, certifications, and standards in your industry. It is being used by numerous renowned standards, accreditation and certification bodies throughout the world. Many institutions and industries dealing, amongst others, with organics, automotive, medical devices, consumer goods, manufacturing rely on the Intact Platform for their compliance management. The softwares modular system is very flexible and may be adapted to the requirements of the companies and organizations who use it.

Is the Intact Platform an option for you?

The Intact Platform can be an option for you if you are:

  • a certification body
  • an accreditation body
  • a private standard setter
  • a company that aims to improve their internal audit processes

We take you seriously

Introducing a new IT system is a challenge

    Realizing that your current way of managing audit and certification processes is outdated or no longer meets the requirements of your organization can be frightening. Concerns about the disruption of the day-to-day business, data loss, job cuts etc. are legitimate and understandable. We hear your worries and will give you honest answers.

    the consultation process

    We know the Intact Platform, and you know your business. Together we will find out, if the Intact Platform is the right audit and certification software for your specific requirements. Our experience is not limited to organic certification processes but includes the entire TIC market (Testing, Inspection, Certification). Over the years, we have been involved in various projects of very different nature in this segment including accreditation and scheme owners.

    If the Intact Platform works for you, we will support you step by step until you are ready for implementation. We can also assist you if you are already using the Intact Platform and need our advice on possible adjustments. Since we draw on more than 30 years of relevant industry experience, you can trust our expertise.

    Intact Platform: Key Functionalities

    As the worldwide leading ERP software for professional audit and certification management, the Intact Platform is being used for compliance management of a broad variety of industries and institutions. Those include, amongst many others, organic, automotive, medical devices, consumer goods and manufacturing. The modular software is very flexible and can be adapted to the requirements of the companies and organizations who use it. Its key functionalities comprise:

    • Professional audit and certification management from application to the final invoice
    • Transparent management of standards and licenses based on real-time data
    • Enhanced supply chain integrity, supply chain mapping and traceability
    • Advanced analyses of big data and risk management with the help of comprehensive, interactive dashboards

    Your Contact

    If you would like to take a closer look at the Intact Platform, get in touch for a free live demo.

    Your contact:

    Frank Gerriets, Director
    Phone: +49 8158 92293 04
    Mobile: +49 163 8691 843
    Email: f.gerriets[at]
    Skype: frankgerriets


     "During the preparation and introduction of the Intact Platform implementation project, Organic Services gave us a first insight into this very complex and powerful certification software in various workshops. Later on, specific subsections followed. Despite the wealth of information, all workshops were very well structured and comprehensible. Summaries at the end of each workshop helped us in digesting the complex contents. The way how information was presented and ideas were exchanged fully convinced us of the software and its benefits. In our opinion, competence and passion are the best prerequisites for a successful introduction of a new system. Thanks a lot for the support! We wish you many more successful Intact Platform introductions."

    Ronald Wesner, Head of Certification Management at Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH in Nürnberg/ Germany, a leading organic certification body with offices around the globe

    “We, at Soil Association Certification, worked closely with Frank Gerriets from Organic Services in deciding whether the Intact Platform was the system for us. Frank was very prompt in his communication, came over to visit us and arranged 2 multi-day workshops with technical specialists from Intact, which were well prepared and well run. Not wanting just to rely on what ultimately is a sales pitch, Frank also put us in contact with other users of the Intact Platform, so we could get honest feedback on their experience. Based on all that, we decided to go ahead with the implementation of the Intact Platform in 2019.”

    Martin Sawyer, CEO at Soil Association Certification, the UK's largest organic certification body

    "Organic Services' staff and partners are creative and have a high level of experience working throughout supply chains and assisting clients with development and solutions rooted in integrity! They have business smarts, team and leadership expertise and are simply just great people to work with. We have always viewed the team at Organic Services as our partners and know that we can rely on them to recommend effective and strategic solutions.."

    Connie Karr, Certification Director at Oregon Tilth, a leading nonprofit organic certifier in the United States based in Corvallis/ Oregon, USA

    "Before we started working with Intact directly, Frank Gerriets was Intact's face to us. He did a great job introducing the Intact Platform to us. With his very professional manner he quickly raised our interest for Intact, their software and services. Frank was more like a partner than like a salesperson to us: he showed great proficiency and competence during the negotiations, but also helped us to come to a trustful contract conclusion."

    Frank Brinkschneider, Director Business & IT Solutions at FLOCERT GmbH, the audit and certification body for Fairtrade Standards, based in Bonn/ Germany