Check Organic

Check Integrity

»Check Integrity« is a cloud platform that maps and links certification and transaction data along the supply chain. Based on the entered acreage, yield and transaction data, the system calculates a mass balance and shows in real time whether the quantities requested in a specific quality are actually (still) tradable. These plausibility checks reveal food fraud even before the product is sold on the market. Check Integrity is a generic tool that can be used in all product chains.

Check Organic

»Check Organic«: In the organic sector, the platform is known as Check Organic and prevents conventional products from entering the supply chain as high quality organic products.

The combination of Check Integrity/ Check Organic with our tools Group Integrity and Ecert Basic considerably facilitates the collaboration between supply chain actors, creating synergies that can benefit the industry as a whole.

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Gerald A. Herrmann, director


Gerald A. Herrmann, Director
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Annette Sutter, Project Manager


Annette Sutter, Project Manager
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Email: a.sutter[at]
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