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Gerald A. Herrmann is a pioneer of the organic sector. He is a world-wide renowned specialist and organic industry expert and speaker.

After gaining his university degree in agriculture in 1985, he spent almost two decades shaping Naturland, an international farmers’ association and private organic certifier: first as an organic farm consultant, then as its President and finally as its Executive Director. At the same time, he served voluntarily for nearly two decades in different capacities at the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (“IFOAM”), including as its Vice President (1989-2005) and President (2005-2008). During his time at IFOAM, Gerald was also a member of the Accreditation Board, on which he worked to develop IFOAM’s Accreditation Programme. This position, as well as other opportunities, have provided Gerald with the experience necessary to become an expert in the development of certification programs, supply chain traceability and integrity systems, as well as of organic markets worldwide.

Over the years, he has developed an extensive global network of contacts. Since 2004, he has been sharing his expertise within many international projects and conferences as the founding director of Organic Services.


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As a member of IFOAM Organics, we are connected to hundreds of organic organisations from around the world.

Within the Space2Agriculture network, we exchange ideas on how aerospace can facilitate remote inspections.

Through IoT4Food, we explore how to make the best use of digital data, sensor technology, and artificial intelligence.