28 Jun 2011

SusCon 2011 - International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption

Soil and Water – Handle with Care! Changing threats into opportunities

June 28-29, 2011 in Nuremberg


Soil and Water – limited resources in the 21st century 
Munich, 13th December 2010. Right now almost 900 million people have no access to clean water, and 2.6 billion have no access to functioning sanitation. Every year, around two million people, mostly children, will die from the effects of contaminated water. By 2030, the water demand will surpass today’s capacity by 40% if we continue with permanent economic growth and no consistent measures to save water. Where there is a shortage of water, it also affects the soil. Desertification, desolation or over-exploitation of soil will become a global threat. 70% of all drylands are classified as endangered, which covers an area about four times the size of China.

Economic risks and innovative technologies  
Soaring costs for natural resources often trigger corporate level development of concepts for resources and cutting costs. The increasingly intensive discussion about ‘virtual water’ - water that is, for example, used to manufacture a pair of jeans - shows that the problems exist along the entire supply chain.
Many companies are still less conscious of the potential risk for the future of their own company when resources, be it water or land, run short.  
SusCon 2011 addresses precisely these questions. Different sectors of the economy are being analysed, and pragmatic and corporate approaches to solutions are being developed. Technological innovations provide the answers to some of these questions. The economic sectors of environmental technology, environmental services (water treatment, waste water treatment, raw material recycling, etc.) and consumer goods manufacturers from foodstuffs, textiles, household detergents, paper and office supplies are especially highlighted in the programme.
SusCon’s cross-industry approach connects well-suited business partners and people and therefore leads to an exchange of experiences with enormous synergetic potential.
Continuing to expand the do-tank philosophy within the conference is of great importance to the SusCon organisers. For this reason, SusCon 2011 will provide even more opportunities to network and engage in direct exchanges than in previous years.
Vandana Shiva – “Water as a sacred possession”
As one of the largest economies in the world, India and its perspective will feature prominently at SusCon 2011. Vandana Shiva, winner of the alternative Nobel Peace Prize, among others, and known as ‘the voice of the Third World’ according to Stern Magazine, has agreed to be a keynote speaker at SusCon 2011. “Water cannot be seen as a commodity. It must be respected as a sacred possession and sustainably managed, so that it benefits everyone who needs it”, emphasises the committed environmental activist.

SusCon 2011

The “International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption“ takes place for the third time in 2011 at the Nuremberg trade fair exhibition site. From 28th to 29th June 2011, businesses, NGOs and politicians will exchange ideas about the question of scarce water and soil resources. New business models such as social business and innovations such as concrete activities to conserve these resources will top the agenda at this conference. Around 270 people from 28 countries working in business, politics, NGOs and the media participated at SusCon 2010. More information is available at www.suscon.net.


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