5 Sep 2011

Natural Cosmetics Conference

The conference will take place for the fourth time on September 20 - 21, 2011. For this year's event the venue was changed to the trendsetting city of Berlin.

The Natural Cosmetics Conference is organized by naturkosmetikverlag e.Dambacher in cooperation with NürnbergMesse. Organic Services is project partner of the conference.

In 2011, natural cosmetics were yet again the strongest growth sector in the beauty market. 11% higher sales in 2010 substantially boosted the market share of natural cosmetics. The market is in flux - not only nationally, but globally. Therefore this year's conference will focus on Europe and beyond on the characteristics and challenges of the world's biggest market for natural cosmetics which is the US. Acting on an international market place requires new levels of transparency and credibility. This is why the conference also addresses the following topics: The cosmetics industry's response to a shift in customer behaviour, and the impact of the consumers' main concerns for product safety, health and wellness on the entire cosmetics market.

Find more information at: www.naturkosmetik-branchenkongress.de/en/