18 Oct 2011

Organic Services carbon neutral in 2011!

Participate or exhibit CO2 neutral at BioFach fair and congress.


By the end of 2011, Organic Services will be able to call its company CO2 neutral. Soil & More International B.V is currently calculating the carbon footprint of Organic Services, which will be neutralized with the identified amount of carbon credits. Organic Services GmbH and Soil & More have agreed on continuing its partnership during the coming years.

The aim of Organic Services and Soil & More is to promote, support and implement true organic and sustainable practices. In view of BioFach 2012, the most important meeting platform of the organic sector, Soil & More offers to neutralize your participation as exhibitor or visitor at a 10% discount if booked before the end of 2011. Find out more at Soil & More Product List.

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by a particular entity or activity (such as a company, an event, or a product’s life cycle).

Organic Services, with its offices in Munich/Germany, Bangalore/India and Minneapolis/USA, tries to keep CO2 emmissions low, but still conducts various activities that result in CO2 emissions (land and air travel, heating, electricity consumption). These greenhouse gas emissions end up in the atmosphere and contribute to climate change. For Organic Services’ carbon footprint, sources of such greenhouse gas emissions are identified, analyzed, and summed up to one total carbon footprint of the company.
Soil & More’s carbon credits (1 c.c. = reduction of 1 ton of CO2 emission) are UNFCCC TÜV-Nord verified and exclusively come from Soil & More composting projects in developing countries implementing highest sustainability standards. Soil & More’s compost is produced using unwanted biomass and manures which, if not used for composting, would mostly be land filled and left to rot anaerobically, thus emitting methane. Through Soil & More’s innovative composting technology, these methane emissions are avoided.