23 May 2011

Ecology Izmir 2011 – organic product fair and conference

The organic product fair and conference took place on May 12 – 15, 2011 at the International Izmir Fair Centre in Izmir, Turkey.

The fair was organized in cooperation by IZFAS (Izmir Fair), ASDF (the leading fair organization company in Turkey), and ETO (Ecological Agriculture Organization Association). Organic Services assisted in developing the accompanying conference programme as well as providing strategic advice.

The first edition of Ecology Izmir last year confirmed Turkey’s role as an exporter of organic products. Turkey must be counted among the pioneer countries of organic production in the world. Already 25 years ago in 1985 export of organic agriculture started with three products. Today about 250 different products are produced and exported by about 15.000 producers farming on 170.000 hectares and 250 exporters.

Turkey is the most important organic producer and exporter of hazelnuts, seedless raisins, figs and apricots, but also offers a wide range of other high quality and tasty organic products. 98% of organic products produced are exported. 60% of export is going to Germany, followed by the USA, other European or international markets.

Apart from its own production Turkey imports from Africa, the Turkish Republics, Russia and neighbouring countries accounting for approximately 99% of the total Turkish import. The bigger part of these products are processed and exported to EU countries.

With its geographic position Turkey is the perfect trade and business location linking the markets of Central Asia and Eastern Europe as well as those of North Africa and the Arabic countries within the region but also to the European Union and other international markets.

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