28 Dec 2017

The third consecutive year of collaboration with a presitigious Dutch University has started

Once more, Group Integrity and the Dutch University of Applied Science Van Hall Larenstein have agreed to include our software as a valuable part of the study unit "Traceability for Sustainability"

This year is highlighted by the presence of Lars Hissel as part of the project. Lars was one of the students during the semester Group Integrity was introduced two years ago. His computer skills and ability to learn quickly focused his attention to the software, persuading him to go one step further. Shortly after the end of the semester Lars traveled to Guatemala as a part of his thesis preparation. During his stay Lars volunteered at a local Coffee Smallholder Group where he, besides many tasks and in close collaboration with us, was able to test the software.

Now Lars is back on campus, this time leading the course he once took. His most recent hands-on experience on the ground as well as on the keyboard and the support of Javier Montanez, senior Group Integrity consultant, guarantee the success of this semester.