18 Jun 2012

Shrimp farm as case study at Rio+20

The shrimp farm of Organic Services associate, Alexandre Wainberg, Brazil, will be presented at Rio+20.

The farm serves as case study at the Agriculture & Rural Development Day, June 18, 2012 at Sul America Convention Center, Rio de Janeiro. The presentation will be part of a learning event with the subject: “Sustainable development of the fish supply chain – lessons from Brazil”

Alexandre Wainberg, based in Brazil, is one of the organic aquaculture pioneers in Latin America. He is a marine biologist, currently operating  the PRIMAR farm,  an own organic shrimp and oyster farm. In the past he has worked on various projects such as management of shrimp farmer co-operatives, HACCP and quality assurance in seafood processing plants.


Contact: Alexandre Wainberg