19 Jun 2012

Rio – let’s do our best!

The emotions regarding the UN Conference are reaching a peak

Munich, June 19th, 2012: A city that usually makes the hearts of samba and Carnival friends beat faster has in the past weeks and months accelerated the pulse rate of those who care about the issues of sustainability and the future of our planet. The world has its eyes on Rio, or rather the UN Conference Rio+20, because it is expecting decisive signs of and actions to fight against hunger, injustice, climate change, loss of biodiversity and global environmental pollution.

Even though the mood may be pessimistic and this is based on the assumptions that the outputs aren’t concrete enough and no binding regulations have been aimed for – however, it would be irresponsible to burden the conference already with too high expectations. Swiftly saving the world – well in any case the conference will not achieve this. The problems are too big for this.

Nevertheless, the Rio+20 conference is an important step on the way to a sustainable development, since it brings high attention to the issue and its corresponding action plans. Many of the partners of SusCon 2012, each of them a trend setter in matters of sustainable development, have prepared suggestions for Rio or are participating in the actual negotiations. In this way the outcomes already were presented in Rio, for example, of the Business for Environment Summit 2012 (B4E) which took place in Berlin on July 17th, organised in collaboration with the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development). These outcomes are also concrete input for work on further SusCon programming. We are therefore hoping for good results and momentum in Rio and above all a conference that will have a lasting impact.

Responsibility of businesses demanded

Howsoever the Rio +20 might end; given the increasingly dramatic problems the time to act is short. We cannot afford to wait for binding and effective agreements of the international community – the interests are too diverse. It must be dealt with now! The economic operators are being challenged to take dimensions of sustainability into consideration in their business strategies and to become active themselves.

The SusCon 2012 on November 27-28 in Bonn is the focal point after the Rio+20 Conference. Under the theme “Green Economy – from intention to action”, this conference is addressing not only the results of Rio, but also further trends in order to provide important actors with concrete networks and projects.

“Once the dust of Rio has settled”, according to Udo Censkowsky, one of the initiators of SusCon “then the real work begins. Here we are starting work on the SusCon. We process the results, bring networks together in advance, encourage concrete projects and want to induce a maximum impact.”

Early bird registration for the SusCon 2012 is possible until July 31st, 2012. Those who wish to contribute an item for the agenda or to apply as SusCon partner can communicate with the programme management.

Contact for press and media:
Mildred Steidle, Organic Services: +49 (0)89-82075908 or +49 151 46748807; m.steidle@organic-services.com

SusCon organisers:
Udo Censkowsky, Organic Services: +49 (0)89-82075902; u.censkowsky@organic-services.com  
Bernward Geier, COLABORA: +49 (0)2245-618652; b.geier@colabora-together.de  
Fritz Lietsch, forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften: +49 (0)89-7466141; f.lietsch@forum-csr.net

SusCon 2012 – International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption – will bring together businesses with relevant stakeholders from government and UN organizations, and NGOs. It will take place in the UN city of Bonn, in Germany on November 27-28, 2012. The conference theme “Green Economy – from intention to action”, will emphasize the importance of business and what, in practice, constitutes a “green economy”. Up to 400 participants are expected. The previous meeting, SusCon 2010, gathered together 300 business, political, NGO and media representatives from 28 countries. For more information, please visit www.suscon.net.
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