19 Mar 2021

New Website for Check Organic

Re-launching a website is a way of re-discovering your own visions, missions and strengths. This is a process we have gone through in the last couple of month for Check Organic, our integrity platform for the organic sector.

All those who grow, process, sell or certify organic products know about the value of the organic brand and its vulnerability to fraud. Dishonesty can only be fought with honesty; deception can only be tackled through transparency. By providing certification and transaction data to Check Organic, you join in the fight against organic food fraud, enable the detection of irregularities, reduce your risk profiles and save time and money for integrity-related, additional checks and testing.

Check Organic can be used in combination with our tools Ecert Basic and Group Integrity. The combination of the three systems considerably facilitates the collaboration between supply chain actors (for example between a farmer group and their external certification body) and creates synergies that can benefit the industry as a whole.

Visit out new website!