23 Jul 2014

Natural Cosmetics Conference 2014

The next Natural Cosmetics Conference will be held October 7-8, 2014, at the Ellington Hotel in Berlin.


Natural & Organic Cosmetics 2020

Ample growth rates for years and increasing market penetration are characteristics of the global market for natural & organic cosmetics. Currently, the international market is starting to differentiate.The future belongs to strong brands and retailers which are able to positively surprise consumers. New incentives are required to reach consumers interested in natural & organic cosmetics. Former solutions are not sufficient anymore, instead, path-breaking innovations, capable of convincing the customer, are needed. What are the growth strategies for the future? How can the brand experience be intensified? What really matters in the international markets?

Join the discussion with futurologists and international experts and be inspired by lively debates!

Gerald A. Herrmann, director of Organic Services, will chair following discussions:

  • Natural & organic cosmetics: Out of the Box
  • Raw Materials – Quality – Effectiveness – Sustainability

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