4 Jul 2016

Forum Sustainable Cocoa

German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa

Organic Services (Germany) was invited to present its web-based software tool, Group Integrity, at the ‘Forum Sustainable Cocoa’ (GISCO) at the GIZ’s main office.

GISCO, the German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa, was launched in June 2012 with the declared aim of improving the situation of cocoa farmers in the countries of origin and promoting sustainable cocoa production. The main objective of GISCO is to improve the economic and environmental aspects, in particular the lives of farmers and their families. Group Integrity perfectly fits into the scope of the initiative and was well received. Gerald A. Herrmann, Managing Director of Organic Services: “There was a lively discussion exploring the manifold application possibilities of group integrity and we are excited to further discuss options of collaboration.”

Group Integrity was developed with the support of PPP funds. Common applications of the software are for the administration and control of small farmer groups, for companies with contract farming and local inspection bodies. The software supports and professionalizes the execution of group internal control procedures (ICS, Internal Control System) and tracks the workflow of inspections and certifications with a multi-standard inspection checklist. The time and effort for external certification is significantly reduced for the groups. A small inventory management module enables the traceability of harvest amounts and the integration in ‘Check Organic’, a data platform that provides real-time audit data connected to the product chain, greater transparency and traceability. The software is generic, multilingual and proven in practical use and can be used as ‘Check Volume’ for a variety of other applications.

Find further information about Group Integrity at www.group-integrity.com

Find further information about Check Organic at www.check-organic.com