8 Sep 2020

Fly me to the moon: Organic Services is now part of the Space2Agriculture Network

What do space travel and agriculture have in common? A great drive when it comes to innovation! We are delighted to be part of a new network that focuses on how both sectors can complement each other.

The German INNOspace network Space2Agriculture is a new communication platform between space travel and agriculture. The aim of the network is to enhance cross-industry networking and thereby push technology transfer to a new level.

Today, our integrity platform Check Organic already provides the option to link satellite data to organic certification data. This is essential for remote inspections, the collection and verification of acreage data, and of crops and yields.

But who knows, what else is possible, if we look beyond the boundaries of our own planet? The partners of our new network may have some interesting answers to that! We are looking forward to exchanging ideas on how aerospace and agriculture can work together.