10 Jan 2014

BIOFACH Congress 2014, February 12 – 15, in Nuremberg

Please join us at our exciting presentations!

We would like to invite you to participate at the following sessions at BIOFACH Congress:

Wednesday, 12.02.2014 14:00 - 15:30 St. Petersburg E D
Organic 3.0: Trend and Potential Study
The study addresses the development potential offered by the organic agriculture of the future. It is based on current megatrend analyses and ongoing trend research carried out by the Zukunftsinstitut (future research organization) and the futurefoodstudio. Renowned food trend expert Hanni Rützler presents the results; industry representatives will discuss them.
Presenter: Gerald A. Herrmann, Organic Services GmbH, Deutschland
Hanni Rützler, Zukunftsinstitut GmbH, Deutschland
Gunnar Rundgren, Grolink, Schweden
Michael Radau, SuperBioMarkt AG, Deutschland
Laura de Nooijer, Lovechock, Niederlande
Mark Retzloff, Alfalfa's, USA
n. n., Handelsvertreter
Joseph Wilhelm, Rapunzel Naturkost GmbH, Deutschland


Wednesday, 12.02.2014 14:00-15:30 Athen (NCC Mitte) E
Company presentation: Next generation of certification-risk based audit management
Jochen Kleboth, Intact Consult GmbH, Austria
Frank Gerriets, Organic Services GmbH, Germany
Thomas Lorber, Intact Consult GmbH, Austria


Thursday, 13.02.2014 14:00-15:30 Kopenhagen E

Improving smallholders’ market position: tools and initiatives along the value chain
Presenter: Dr. Ulrich Hoffmann, UNCTAD, Switzerland
n. n., Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ), Germany
Roberto Longo, IFAD, Italy
Michele Maccari, SAMCERT (Strengthening Smallholders' Access to Markets for Certified Sustainable Products), Italy
Frank Gerriets, Organic Services GmbH, Germany

Thursday, 13.02.2014 16:00-17:30 Riga E
Will the Chinese dragon fly the organic market?
Two expert panels will provide information; firstly on how to export organic food to China; secondly on the status quo of the Chinese organic market and current trends
Presenter: Mei Gräfe, Intergate Außenhandelsberatung und  services, Germany
Presenter: Yinghui Zhang Carraro, Journalist and author, China
Dr. Bernhard Schulz, CERES   Certification of Environmental Standards GmbH, Germany
Ph.D Wang Maohua, Chinese National NCA, China
Xia Zhaogang, China Organic Food Certification Center (COFCC), China
Xuan Zhao, Organic and Beyond, China
Udo Censkowsky, Organic Services GmbH, Germany
Xiling Yang, Sozialwissenschaftliche Fakultät Georg August Universität Göttingen, Germany
Asmund Froysok, Töpfer GmbH, Germany

Thursday, 13.02.2014 16:00-17:30 Athen (NCC Mitte) E 
Company presentation: Organic Integrity and quality management
Learn more about value chain and sector specific integrity solutions. Presentation of various case studies.
Gerald A. Herrmann, Organic Services GmbH, Germany
Johannes Doms, Hipp GmbH & Co. Produktions KG, Germany
Paolo Carnemolla, Federbio   Federazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica e Biodinamica, Italy
Thomas Lorber, Intact Consult GmbH, Austria

Friday, 14.02.2014 11:00-11:45 Riga E
Organic in the Sustainable Seafood Market
Based on the latest study results regarding "Consumer perceptions of organic and sustainable aquaculture", and also the example of shrimps, an expert panel will discuss market positioning strategies for organic seafood
Dr. Stefan Bergleiter, IFOAM Aquaculture Group
Antje Korn, Universität Kassel, Germany
Dr. Katrin Zander, Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institut,  Fachinformationszentrum , Germany
Udo Censkowsky, Organic Services GmbH, Germany
Stefan Eßmann, Ristic AG, Germany

Friday, 14.02.2014 14:00-14:45 Athen (NCC Mitte) E
Company presentation: Strengthening of farmer groups for better market success
A practical introduction to the software solution Group Certification Management
Frank Gerriets, Organic Services GmbH, Germany
Lea Michalczik, Organic Services GmbH, Germany
Melina Armijo, Organic Services GmbH, Germany
Kung Wai Ong, Certification Alliance, Malaysia

14.02.2014 15:00-16:30 Kopenhagen E
Sustainable Biogas Production on organic farms
The use of biomass for energy purposes has become a controversial topic. However, sustainable production of biogas on organic farms is possible and can improve farm income and contribute to the overall environmental sustainability of the farm.
Marco Schlüter, IFOAM EU Group, Belgium
Dr. Uli Zerger, Stiftung Ökologie & Landbau (SÖL), Germany
Antje Kölling, IFOAM EU Group, Belgium
Gerald A. Herrmann, Organic Services GmbH, Germany
Gerhard Moser, Krumbecker Hof, Germany