15 Mar 2020

BIOFACH 2020 - Did you miss our Group Integrity presentation?

Many old friends as well as new faces have visited our stand at BIOFACH 2020 this year and joined our presentation about Group Integrity. For those of you who did not get the chance to meet us in person, we invite your to have a look at the video material we have recorded for you.

In regard of the spreading Coronavirus, we consider ourselves lucky that BIOFACH 2020 did take place at all this year! For those of you who don't know yet what Group Integrity is all about, click here to watch our client manager Javier Montanez explain what Group Integrity is, who can use it, most common challenges, how it works, its key functions and finally: its benefits. In addition, you can find Javier's powerpoint slides here.

Customer testimonial from the Dominican Republic

Featuring Group Integrity, Beat Wiederkehr, general manager of YACAO, and his consultant Roman Hipper presented YACAO’s successes from their digitalization initiative. The company buys cocoa from more than 2,000 small-scale farmers in the Dominican Republic. By using Group Integrity, working closely together with CERES and by developing some internal applications, YACAO managed to gain control from the farm to the vessel. YACAO has thereby taken a big step forward and can be considered without limitation a best practice model when it comes to transparency, traceability and accountability among grower groups.

Click here to read the YACAO summary, watch the video and find the corresponding PowerPoint slides from the YACAO BIOFACH 2020 presentation.

Please note: The YACAO example was also a highlight of BIOFACH congress session “Fraud, gaps and loopholes: private and public counteractions and enforcement to complement regulations” organized by our director Gerald A. Herrmann. Click here to learn more about this integrity session.