7 Apr 2020

BIOFACH 2020 - Did you miss our Ecert Basic presentation?

Many old friends as well as new faces have visited our stand at BIOFACH 2020 this year and joined our presentation about Ecert Basic. For those of you who did not get the chance to meet us in person, we invite your to have a look at the video material we have recorded for you.

In regard of the spreading Coronavirus, we consider ourselves lucky that BIOFACH 2020 did take place at all this year! For those of you who don't know yet what Ecert Basic is all about, we invite you to watch our video above that we've recorded during the fair. Learn within 20 Minutes what the tool is all about, what it has to offer, why we care about local and small certifiers and how you can find out whether Ecert or Ecert Basic is the better solution for you. In addition, you can find the corresponding powerpoint slides here.

Customer testimonial from Latinamerica

MAYACERT is a certification body using Ecert Basic for their audit and certification management. The certifier operates in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Peru. MAYACERT draws on more than 20 years of industry experience and certifies nearly all food products, including livestock and beekeeping. About 75% of their audits and inspections concern organic certification, especially based on the USDA and EU standards, but fair trade, UTZ and other standards are also part of MAYACERT's portfolio. Click here to watch the video from BIOFACH 2020 with Noé Alejandro Riva from MAYACERT sharing his experiences about working with Ecert Basic.