10 Oct 2014

A successful period ends, business is going on…

After ten successful years the cooperation of the four Organic Services founders and directors is put on a new basis.

Udo Censkowsky resigns from his director’s position and leaves the company   in order to follow a new path in his professional career fully focusing on the seafood sector as ‘Sustainable Seafood Expert’; also private reasons have determined this decision.

“To part after ten successful years in the joined company marks a significant change. To think about and finally decide on this step was hard for me, but also for my colleagues. It is all the more satisfying, that we resolved all issues as friends by mutual consent “says Udo Censkowsky.

“We will stay colleagues and are looking forward to collaborate in current and future projects. This positive outlook helps us to get over the retirement of Udo Censkowsky from the company. What will remain is to look back on ten years of a common, successful cooperation and the prospect of a good partnership in the future, “says Frank Gerriets, director of Organic Services GmbH.

Organic Services, founded in December 2004, is an international strategy and management consultancy that specializes in organic production, sustainability and development matters with headquarters in Germany and an extensive global network of experts. The comprehensive range of services – always designed and conducted in an interdisciplinary manner covers topics such as strategy; policy and business development in the organic, fair trade, social responsibility and sustainability areas; software-based quality management; global value chains; market expertise and sourcing; standard setting, certification and accreditation consultancy; fairs, conferences and study tours and biogas.


Your contact: Organic Services GmbH/Mildred Steidle Tel: + 49 151 467 48807
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Contact Udo Censkowsky: Tel: +49 173 541 8941 /
u.censkowsky@organic-services.com (until December 2014) /
or sustainable-seafood@t-online.de