31 Mar 2015

5th International conference on the organic sector development in Central/Eastern European and Central Asian countries

The conference will take place on April 16 - 17, 2015 with excursion on April 18.

This year’s conference will focus on greening economies through organic farming, market development and trade.

Organic movements as part of an integral Green Economy continue to develop in countries of the region. An organic sector, based on common understanding, modern standards, promotion campaigns, using old farming traditions with aims to satisfy consumer demand with trusted safe products has a strong potential to make life better, more prosperous and predictable not only for farmers, but for processors as well. Experiences and challenges in organic products, safety and quality assurance along the product chain will be discussed from the point of view of producers, processors, and certifiers.

Find here the latest version of the programme.

The conference is meant as a place to network, to meet new partners and trade contacts in a region not easy to access. It presents an excellent opportunity to learn about recent develop­ments, to promote companies activities and to increase recognition. It is an ideal meeting point for all important stakeholders active in the organic sector in the targeted region. It offers the opportunity to learn from each other by reaching out to the leading personalities of the orga­nic sector internationally and in the region.

For more information about registration and sponsoring opportunities, please visit the conference website: http://organic.com.ua/en/conference