Sustainability and fair trade ..::

Doing business in a responsible manner is, amongst others, characterised by long-term producer-manufacturer partnerships as well as by honest commitment for a sustainable improvement of people’s economic and social situation. Here, long-term commitment is a crucial factor in convincing farmers of organic agriculture, especially when it comes to smallholders.

The Triple Bottom Line approach is the guiding model for responsible business development. Organic Services supports companies and organizations to enter into a process towards more sustainability.

Our strong belief is that this process will lead not only to better economic results but will also ensure the precondition for long term business success. In this context we set up Sustainability Management Plans in a joint effort with our small and medium sized clients.

We always focus on analysing the core business of a company, trying to identify opportunities to improve processes as well as products to finally position it in the market with add-on values. We encourage all companies to enter into this competition, to become a leader in sustainability excellence and to differentiate from wide-spread “green-washing”.

Since 2009, Organic Services is organizer of the International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption (SusCon) which keeps us involved in the international discussion on business & sustainability.


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