Integrity Solutions ..::

Organic Services is a renowned expert for software-based audit and quality management solutions

  • for standard setters, certification and accreditation (e.g. public and private systems in the organic sector and beyond)
  • for supply chain transparency and fraud prevention (e.g. Italian Organic Integrity Platform)
  • for brand protection and promotion (e.g. company brands, geographic origin)

Organic Services offers its own and unique Integrity Tools:

  • »Check Organic«, a cloud-based platform to fight fraud that brings together organic certification and supply chain data in real time (e.g. mass balance)
  • »Group Integrity«, a tailored solution for the administration of (internal) control systems (ICS) for smallholder groups and companies with contract production
  • »Ecert Basic«, an off-the-shelf version of Ecert for the management of the audit/ certification process for local/ small certifiers

Organic Services is the global sales partner of Intact GmbH, the service provider of the best-in-class certification and audit management solution, Ecert.

Positive synergistic connectivity ..::

Organic Services combines the functionalities of Group Integrity and Check Organic, its supply chain integrity tool, giving grower groups the opportunity to connect to supply chains in the global market.  The linking of these tools means that grower groups’ production data, recorded as part of their ICS, will be available in Check Organic. Connecting this data to grower groups’ certification statuses means that businesses who contract these groups will have real time data to ensure the integrity of their supply chains. The supply chain tools available in Check Organic will be able to pull this data from Group Integrity when these grower groups are part of clients’ supply chains.

Do you perform certification services?  ..::

With our family of solutions: Ecert Basic, Group Integrity and Check Organic, you can give your clients even more through positive synergistic connectivity. Group Integrity can help your clients better manage their internal audits and make certification even easier for you. And with Check Organic, you can make your certification data available to the world and make your audits even more efficient. Ask us for more information or visit our websites, Certification bodies either using Ecert or Ecert Basic you can give your clients even more through positive synergistic connectivity

If you are interested in learning more about Check Organic, Group Integrity or Ecert Basic, please contact us and we’ll be happy to speak to you about how our tools can make your life easier.

Ask us for a free and practical demonstration of the various functionalities the products may offer to you.




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