project development and implementation.

Organic Services acts as a facilitator in business project realization from sourcing of ingredients, setting up of organic processing units up to marketing of new final products.

  • We plan, prepare and execute project implementation. We care for reliable project handover to the client and, if needed, offer on-going monitoring after project realization. Clients decide to what degree Organic Services will take over project implementation responsibility.  
  • Organic Services maintains information on public funds and the money market in general. Drawing on this depth of knowledge, and recognizing that funding possibilities are normally more diverse than they appear at first, we are able to investigate funding sources for projects. We analyse national and international funding programmes, and consider the acceptability of your project to private investors, who include ecological and social factors – along with the potential return on their investment – in their decisions.
  • Organic Services also offers ‘package solutions’ for the complete management of projects co-financed by private or public funding programmes. Such packages include all necessary back-up work, from the initial application, on-going documentation, accounting, to the final written report.