policy advice and studies.

Organic Services supports governmental authorities in the design and implementation of organic sector programmes in a region or a whole country. This includes not only programme activities to develop production and markets (“hand in hand”) but also setting up the needed regulatory framework.

Nowadays, an increasing number of private and legal standards for organic food and other sustainable products and services are emerging. In many cases standards and regulations are not and/or only partly harmonized. Thus, trading on global scale might lead not only to bureaucratic burdens (mutual recognition processes) but also to failure in accessing certain markets.

  • Organic Services consults private sector companies, business associations non- governmental organizations as well as governmental authorities on policy and strategy decisions. We, therefore, have the information necessary to help your organisation or company successfully realise its strategy. We provide support for the establishment of certification and accreditation programmes, and its related bodies as well as advice on the development of standards, certification systems and regulations.   
  • With experiences, practical knowledge of certification systems, and an understanding of international requirements Organic Services is skilled at establishing a functioning system and structure within your organisation.
  • In addition to its work with individual organic organisations, Organic Services also studies such institutions, their structures, strategies and norms, to analyse recommended tools and strategies. These reviews often provide a basis for decisions made by politicians and industry leaders.