Organic agriculture, food and markets ..::

The global organic food market has nearly reached 45 billion EUR today. About 37.2 Mio ha of farm and grazing land are cultivated organically world-wide and ensure a continuous supply of healthy and pesticide free food.

At the same time organic farmers contribute positively to biodiversity protection, low carbon agriculture, maintenance of soil-fertility and reduced land degradation (above all in marginalized regions in developing countries). In practice, no other farming model has reached the same positive performance in regard to food production and impact on the environment.

All founders of Organic Services have a long professional background in organic agriculture and the global organic food sector.  They have contributed to the successful development of the organic sector in the last two decades and have been actively involved in the development of organic farming projects in different climatic regions and continents.

Over the years a vast knowledge and competence not only in organic farming but also in post harvest treatment and value adding along the value chain has been gathered and is available for our clients. In addition, a network of organic farm advisers with specific competences in practical implementation has been developed throughout the globe ready to serve Organic Services clients.