21 Apr 2017

Members of the Certification Alliance successfully complete training sessions on Ecert Basic

Ecert Basic to support the harmonization of CertAll's certification process

Organic Services provided a two-day training to three representatives of CertAll (Certification Alliance) on February 20th and 21st in the Tutzing office. Mr. Kung Wai  (OAM, Malaysia) coordinator of CertAll,  Mr. Vitoon  Panyakul  (ACT, Thailand) and Mr. Anton Sulin from  (Biocert, Indonesia)  learned more about the functionalities that Ecert Basic offers. The representatives however focused the training and discussions on the harmonization of certification processes which the certifiers who are members with CertAll are following. Ecert Basic features will allow CertAll members to use their unique system to manage and display their own process from operator application to certification and surveillance. At the same time, Ecert Basic will allow for information transfer between the certifiers, which will save time and administration work. Because Ecert Basic accurately displays the certification work flow, roles and responsibilities, the software will support the harmonization of the certification processes of the certifiers. Organic Services is most pleased to be part of the continuous harmonization and professionalization of the CertAll certification process and looks forward to continuing the lively exchange and creative problem-solving.