22 Sep 2019

Insights from climate stike in Tutzing and New York

Local protest of students around the world

Global climate strike on September 20th

On friday, 20th September, millions of people took to the streets to show their concern about global climate change and insufficient political actions against it. We from Organic Services joined our local protest movement in Tutzing, the "Tutzinger Klimatag", together with 1.500 students from the local schools and many other citizens who worry about the future of our planet. Posters claimed, amongst others, that "We don't have time" and urged for instant actions and a clear focus on strict environmental politics. After the demonstration, 6 trees which had to be removed from Munich main train station were re-planted in Tutzing. On a gingko tree which now stands at the Gymnasium, students hung up paper notes with their wishes for the climate.
"Each generation fights for important subjects and its future. We had been motivated by the Club of Rome report, foam on poisoned rivers, by dying forests and first oil crises, but also by an emerging organic movement, that we became part of. It is dramatic that the ecocide had to continue until today before the next confident generation loudly requests a global paradigm change. Naturally, we are at their side." (Gerald A. Herrmann, director of Organic Services)
Whilst most our staff was on the streets in Tutzing, our colleague Javier, client manager for Group Integrity and Ecert Basic, joined the climate demonstration in New York where he had been for family reasons. He was amazed by the spirit among the participants who all fight for something that is bigger than ourselves, that matters for every single person, animal and plant on this earth.