19 Nov 2019

Fully traceable FairTrade Cocoa from Ghana

Yet another example shows that transparency is crucial for business success

A lighthouse example from Germany: REWE, one of the biggest German retailers with more than 5000 stores, will soon introduce a selection of high quality, Fairtrade-certified chocolate bars. What is so special about that? It’s the fact that all partners cooperate in making supply chains as transparent as possible and that a fair share of income is shared with the cocoa producers. The product launch, which is planned for autumn 2020, builds on a cooperation between REWE, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Fairtrade Germany. This is yet another example that shows: setting up reliable and short supply chains is not just an unpleasant necessity, but a real sales advantage - especially for grower groups and business sourcing from small-scale farmers.

Find the full press release here.