17 May 2010

Ecology Izmir 2010 – organic product fair and conference

The organic product fair and conference took place on May 06 – 09, 2010 at the International Izmir Fair Centre in Izmir, Turkey.

ECOLOGY İZMİR is successor of the ‘Ecology Fair’, which had been organized in Istanbul for eight years. From now on, the trade fair will be arranged in Izmir with a new name and only exhibiting organic certificated products. Product groups will include organic textile, cosmetics, food, drink, and baby products.

İZFAŞ, the leading fair organization company in Turkey, and ASDF, organizer of Ecology Fair, decided to join their forces to create an international trade fair for Organic Products with the support of ETO (Ecological Agriculture Organization Association) in İzmir. The organisers invited Gerald A. Herrmann of Organic Services, as expert for advice on the strategic positioning and for assistance in the development of the fair.

Many of the 107 exhibitors were export-oriented. The first three days of the fair were open only for trade visitors, while the final day was open to the public. All in all, 7,294 Trade visitors came from a total of 19 countries: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, Azerbaijan, KKTC, Kirghizia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands, France, Denmark, Bulgaria and Germany. The two days conference programme consisted of a ‘national day’, with 80 to 120 people attending, followed by an ‘international day’ with 60 to 80 people attending.