31 Jul 2012

Congress programme BioFach and Vivaness 2013

Call for Papers – your ideas and suggestions are needed!

Organic Services organizes the BioFach Congress in Nuremberg, Germany on behalf of NürnbergMesse since 2006.

The congress is the international knowledge and opinion platform for the global organic sector, where market players and representatives from politics and associations provide information and discuss important future issues.

The congress accompanying the BioFach and Vivaness exhibitions is a trend barometer and source of inspiration for the whole sector.

Key theme at BioFach 2013: Shared Values. Action for a Future World
The focus in 2013 is on the organic sector as a global family. This will deal with the importance of shared values, fair action, fair and transparent value chains and variety through regionality and globalization.
This theme has three main facets: cooperation, (organic) value chain and the conflict between regionality and globalization. The shared values practised, form the basis for all these aspects.

The key theme of “Shared Values. Action for a Future World” with its various facets will characterize the BioFach Congress 2013. The contents and topics will be given suitable attention spread over the four days of the congress. We look forward to receiving your interesting proposals to bring life to all facets of this theme.

Please note that the Call for Papers ends on Monday, 17 September 2012.

Full information about the congress and registration can be found at:  www.biofach.de/en/congress/

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picture source: NürnbergMesse