15 Jan 2018

BIOFACH 2018 Exhibitor Presentations

We look forward to meet you there.

At BIOFACH 2018, Organic Services will host three exhibitor presentations:

How to keep up with global certifiers - local certifiers need to professionalize

February 16th, 10:00 - 10:45 am, room Prague, NCC East

Local certifiers are challenged to keep up with international service level. ‘Ecert Basic’ provides a professional tool which is used to capture all processes and data of the certification workflow. On-/ and offline tools are significantly improving efficiency and accuracy. Connect with the organic world, cost and time effective supported by online training, videos and helpdesk.

Professional ICS administration and compliance management for smallholder groups

February 16th, 11:00 - 11:45 am, room Budapest, NCC East

Smallholders lack targeted tools. Going organic, fair or other, they are overwhelmed by rules and bureaucracy. To manage that, Group Integrity was developed. It is based on a structured workflow. Online training, videos and helpdesk guarantee support. It includes internal process management, on-/and offline tools, prep for external certification, non-conformity management, flow of goods and more.

Check Organic - the solution for fighting fraud in supply chains

February 16th, 1:00 - 1:45 pm, room Prague, NCC East

All recent grain frauds could have been prevented with Check Organic. An approved solution, ready to use. It is easy to apply and comes at a low cost given the amount of grain and olive oil traded all over the globe. Whether applied at single company, for protecting geographic origin or at national, regional and sector level, e.g. feed, it strengthens efforts to protect the organic brand.