28 Feb 2017

BIOFACH 2017 Exhibitor Presentations a Big Success

Organic Services hosted two Exhibitor Presentations during BIOFACH 2017

BIOFACH 2017 Exhibitor Presentations

Organic Services organized two exhibitor presentations at BIOFACH 2017. Both events brought together several speakers from different businesses and different parts of the world.

Compliance Management - Internal and 3rd Party

Following an Introduction of the Group Integrity and Ecert Basic Software by Organic Services, three different companies provided their stories: the unique business challenges they faced, the introduction of Group Integrity/ Ecert Basic to overcome these challenges and the current application of the software in their businesses. Please find here the presentations of Javier Montanez, Organic Services, of Osvaldo Castro of Sindan Organics, Sunil Joseph of PDS Organic Spices and Mustafa Akyuz of ETKO.

Integrity management - perspectives of supply chain actors

The presentation on Check Organic as a cloud-based integrity management solution brought together four examples of succesful implementation of Check X, a certifier, a company, a national sector, and a label for protected origin. Please find here the presentations of Annette Sutter, Organic Services, Mustafa Akyüz, ETKO, Gianluca Mazza, Federbio Organic Integrity Platform and Mario Gabler, Bioland Markt GmbH