17 Feb 2010

BioFach 2010

BioFach Congress

February 17 - 20, 2010

We would like to invite you to participate at the following sessions at BioFach Congress, CCN East:

Wednesday 17.02.2010, Oslo room 3 - 4:30pm (in German)

Fachhandelstag: Erfolgreich Finanzieren

Mitarbeiterbeteiligung und vorsorge ein interessantes Modell in Zeiten der Finanzkrise.
Moderation: Gerald A. Herrmann, Organic Services GmbH, Deutschland
Gernot Meyer, Gernot Meyer Unternehmensberatung, Deutschland
Christine Seger, Seger Consult, Deutschland
Fritz  Schlund, Fritz Mühlenbäckerei GmbH, Deutschland
Cornelia Roeckl, GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG, Deutschland

Thursday 18.02.2010, Kiew Room, 1-2 pm

Vivaness Forum: Targeted raw material development and sourcing

Udo Censkowsky, Organic Services GmbH, Germany
Dr. Wilfried Petersen, Dr. Straetmans Chemische Produkte GmbH, Germany
Peter Andersen, Centroflora Group, Brazil

Thursday 18.02.2010, Hongkong Room, 3-4 pm

CSR and Social Business a strategic challenge for the organic industry. How does the organic food industry cope with sustainability and CSR objectives?

Udo Censkowsky, Organic Services GmbH, Germany
Bernward Geier, COLABORA, Germany
Peter Spiegel, GENISIS Institute for Social Business and Impact Strategies gemeinnützige GmbH i.G., Germany
Lucio Cavazzoni, Alce Nero Mielizia SpA, Italy

Friday 19.02.2010, Istanbul Room, 10 - 13:00 h Biofish Forum

10 - 11:00 h Organic Aquaculture  defined in Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 - What means the new EU regulation for the organic aquaculture production and market? How does it change the private sector?

Christopher Stopes, IFOAM EU Group, Belgium
Dr. Stefan Bergleiter, Naturland e.V., Germany
Maria Fladl, DG AGRI, European Commission, Belgium
Dr. Pino Lembo, Instituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale (ICEA), Italy
Richard Bates, European Commission   Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Directorate, Belgium
11 - 12:00 h Organic aquaculture production. Statements from organic producers outside of the European Union

Kritsada Hongrath, Sureerath Prawns, Thailand
Raanan Berzak, Raanan Fish Feed ltd, Israel

12 - 13:00 h European organic seafood markets - Status quo, bottlenecks for further growth, different labels.

Udo Censkowsky, Organic Services GmbH, Germany
Tobias Lasner, Universität Kassel, Germany
Michèle Stark, IMO   Institut für Marktökologie Group Office, Switzerland
Gerlinde Gerlinger, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Germany

Friday 19.02.2010, Room Riga, 1-2 pm

Organic & fair on confiscated Mafia land: a societal model

International organisations co operating for legality, social justice and fair trading on properties confiscated from criminal organisations
Presenter: Gerald A. Herrmann, Organic Services GmbH, Germany
Gianluca Faraone, Libera Terra Mediterraneo Società Consortile s.r.l., Italy
Hugo Valdés, Cooperativas Sin Fronteras, Costa Rica
Lucio Cavazzoni, Alce Nero Mielizia SpA, Italy

Friday 19.02.2010, Room Riga, 2-3 pm

Organic, fairtrade and carbon neutral IT supported product chain management

Presenter: Gerald A. Herrmann, Organic Services GmbH, Germany
Tobias Bandel, Soil & More International BV, Netherlands
Rüdiger Meyer, FLO Cert GmbH, Germany
Frank Gerriets, Organic Services GmbH, Germany