3 Aug 2012

Audits and inspections - now even easier and quicker, thanks to the newest Ecert features!

Would you like to make your audits and inspections more efficient and time-saving?

Do you often have to audit several standards simultaneously at one company?Then you should have a look at the new, completely revised "Merged Checklist" and the new "dependent questions".

The "Merged Checklist" feature provides maximum flexibility for you and your auditors and saves valuable time during audits. As preparation for an audit, you can integrate two or more individual checklists into one merged checklist where you can generate groups of questions or combine individual questions, always keeping in mind your goal to make data input both quicker and easier. All answers given, including non-conformities and corrective measures are then matched with the original checklists. If necessary, you can also switch back and forth between the original checklists and the merged checklist. The new "Merged Checklist" feature was developed in collaboration with inspection and certification bodies and offers the perfect solution for a simple, quick and flexible handling of complex multi-standard audits.

Another novelty that makes filling out checklists easier and considerably speeds up the audit process is using what is called "dependent questions". With dependent questions you can link a question or an entire set of questions to the result of another. This way you can e.g. hide questions if they have become irrelevant due to a previous answer or you can automatically place a specific answer if a related question has been answered with e.g. YES.

Dependent questions allow you to build your checklists in such a way that you and your auditors are only shown questions which are relevant for the specific audit case and collect only data related to these questions.

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