7 May 2010

Agro-Business and Agro-Processing Enterprises

for Indian Bankers

April 28 – May 5, 2010 in Germany and the Netherlands

The study tour was designed for a programme of the College of Agricultural Banking (CAB) from the Reserve Bank of India. Selected participants are chairmen and senior bankers of large commercial banks but also small regional rural banks who are active in agricultural banking.

Aim of the study tour is to get to know the European Agro sector and its financing in order to learn from commendable sustainable practices.

Content of the study tour:

  • Presentations on the agricultural sector, agri-business and rural financing in Europe and Germany
  • Visit of organic and conventional farms, processing businesses and traders both in Germany and the Netherlands, providing a comparative picture.
  • Visit of and interaction with different banks (agricultural bank, house bank, commercial bank)
  • Interaction with importers from India to understand their requirements.
  • Question & Answer sessions, information exchange between participants, evaluation and reporting