Organic Services OWC workshop Monday, October 13, 14:30-16:00

The Market Players' Responsibility for Organic Integrity beyond Certification and Quality Management Systems

Involving manufacturers, trade and smallholders in enhancing organic integrity by linking certification data with supply chain data and by improving group certification.

Workshop topic:
The workshop will discuss new paths to ensuring transparency, integrity and traceability in the organic sector complementing organic certification. Industry experts will discuss and analyse strategic issues, ideas and experiences for improving organic integrity.
Group certification has come under pressure by Regulators and the organic industry alike as the current system is often not delivering reliable results.

Introduction to the workshop and moderator: Gerald A. Herrmann, Managing Partner, Organic Services GmbH, Germany (12 min)

Discussion: Panellists open the discussion voicing challenges to integrity, their opinions, visions and suggested actions (5 min each, 35 min).

Roberto Pinton, Pinton Organic Consulting, Italy: Italy and the FEDERBIO Integrity Platform.

Heleen Klinkert, Bionext, the Netherlands: Strategy of the Dutch chain organisation for sustainable, organic agriculture and food.

Vitoon Panyakul, Green Net, Thailand: Safeguarding Integrity in Grower Groups.

Katherine DiMatteo, Wolf, DiMatteo + Associates, United States: The current state of integrity in the US organic market.

Jochen Neuendorff, GfRS, Germany: Publication of certificates in Germany.

Michel Reynaud, ECOCERT, France: A certifier’s point of view.

Josef Wilhelm, Rapunzel, Germany: A traders point of view.

Open discussion with the audience (40 min)

The following questions will guide the discussion:

  • How can integrity be secured along the supply chain?
  • How can traders be sure that the certification documents provided are legitimate, i.e. not out of date, fraudulent or erroneous?
  • How can certification bodies prevent falsification or misuse of certification data?
  • How to fight fraud efficiently and effectively across the whole supply chain.
  • How can the “individual” certification be assured in Grower Groups as well?
  • How can costs be lowered in group certification for all involved parties by increasing integrity?

Gerald A. Herrmann will also contribute to the “Re-thinking Organic Certification” panel in the OWC main track. This panel takes place on October 14 from 2:30- 4:00 pm. Find more information here.


Organic Services, founded in December 2004, is an international strategy and management consultancy that specialises in organic production, sustainability and development matters.
With Check Organic and Group Integrity, Organic Services offers forward looking tools and services for improving organic integrity along the value chain.