Ecert audit and certification management ..::

Electronically supported workflow ..::

Ecert is a modularly designed, multi-lingual software for inspection, certification and accreditation bodies. It supports both the internal and external processes associated with auditing any quality standards.
As a multi-client database Ecert handles the entire workflow from assignment of inspections to issuing certificates or authorisations. It documents all processes at each stage of the inspection and certification process, e.g. sanction and deadline management, timekeeping and administration of certification status.
Ecert is equally effective for process and product certification. Industry-specified data (agriculture, food, building materials, etc.) can be collected in detail. Ecert’s feature-rich and user-friendly environment
allows clients to continually improve their efficiency and productivity.

Benefits and advantages of Ecert ..::

Saves time, improves process quality and control

  • Worldwide application due to multi-lingualism, and multi-client and decentralised access capabilities
  • Central electronic database independent of location
  • Audits planned efficiently: according to time, location and qualification of auditors
  • Processes executed quickly as all data stored electronically
  • Combined electronic checklists facilitate conducting severalconcurrent audits to multiple standards
  • Integrated customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office programs (Excel, Word, Outlook)
  • Numerous additional functionalities, including supplier management for processors, product approval, online certification portal, offlinesynchronisation, invoicing, web certification inquiry, etc.
  • Standard interfaces with financial accounting and other programs (XML-Web-Service)
  • Data analyses and statistics available on request

Personnel and cost savings

  • Substantial reduction in personnel and administration costs through process improvement
  • Paper-reduced or paperless offices possible

Marketing advantages

  • Increase in customer satisfaction and service quality
  • Login protected portal for communication and data entry at all levels (e.g. audit results, proposal for new products, transaction certificates)
  • Downloadable and viewable certification data (e.g. certification status, product approval, certificates, invoices)
  • Login protected area for internal client use (e.g. management of suppliers or certified companies)

Further advantages

  • Continually improving and developing new technologies
  • Simple to make individual adjustments according to client-specific requirements
  • Modular design conveys flexibility, allowing individual programming to basic software
  • Professional project management for implementation that is cost and time conscious
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